Stainless Steel Engraving

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Stainless Steel engraving tags can be used for a wide variety of applications including industrial, military, aerospace, and commercial uses. Stainless Steel tags can be serialized and are great for identification purposes such as asset identification tags.

A-1 Engraving & Signs, Inc. uses a metal marking chemical that will create engraving on metal using a CO2 laser. The marking is black, permanent and clear to read. The process is an excellent way to label or bar code parts of tags that have to be used in demanding environments where other labels wouldn’t last. The process works like ceramic glaze in that the laser heats the chemical solution and causes it to change color and soak into the metal surface. Applying the chemical to stainless steel, tool steel, chrome, pewter, titanium, aircraft grade aluminum, and other non-coated metal surfaces, can create a solid black engraving.

Stainless Steel Portfolio

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