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A-1 Engraving & Signs 2015 Goals






We here at A-1 Engraving & Signs strive to be better in 2015. To provide the customer with a better experience when ordering, we are focusing on four areas in which to improve.

  1. Speed up customer order turnaround time by one business day.
  2. A live customer service person during business day 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Mon thru Fri).
  3. Same-day quote by email of our products.
  4. Improve quality of all products.

Stay tuned for more updates – Thank You!

A-1 Engraving & Signs, Inc.

397 A Washington St

Brighton, Mi 48187

How to order a banner.

Canvas banners - A-1 Engraving & SIgns

Canvas banners – A-1 Engraving & Signs

A-1 Engraving & Signs has made hundreds of banners successfully over the past 25 years. From graduation banners to sport banners, each one varies in use. When ordering a banner, consider these variables:

  • Long-term or short-term use
  • Do you want to reuse again and again?
  • How do you plan to hang or install?
  • Going inside or outside – if outside, do you want wind slits or a mesh banner for wind to pass through?
  • Any specific graphic or design?

Once we can narrow down how you plan to use a banner, A-1 Engraving & Signs will meet or exceed your expectation.


New Mesh Banners!

We are proud to offer a new type of banner – mesh. The banner has very small holes to allow wind to pass through. The banner can come with hemmed, grommets, and rope for installation. These are great for team banners. Visit out website today!

A-1 Engraving & Signs Mesh Banner

A-1 Engraving & Signs Mesh Banner

Only The Best at A1 Engraving & Signs!

At A1 Engravings & Signs, our main goal is to create a high quality engravings and signs for customers at prices that they can afford. We also have a vast array of plaques, trophies, and vinyl designs for you to choose from to make sure that whatever slogan, saying, or name you need will look the part! Call up A1 Signs & Engravings for all of your printing and etching needs!

Make Your Trophies Memorable

Everyone whose earned a trophy knows the feeling of gratitude and accomplishment upon receiving it. A1 offers great deals on quality products to hand out to whoever deserves an award. From trophies to medals, we have all your engraving needs!

What is Industrial Engraving?

Industrial Engraving is the practice of doing high quality custom engraving on signage used for commercial applications such as office directories, name plates, push button tags, interior office signage, bathroom and directional signs and laser cut signs. Effective communication is one of the keys to success in business and industry. A-1 can create the labeling and signage you need to get your message to customers and employees alike.